Tanna Edwards, Governor - Eastern Canada Region

Welcome to a new decade!

It is indeed a time to reflect on the accomplishments of the past decade, but more than ever to focus on the future, and what the 2020's will bring. 


On the way to work this morning, my husband was lamenting the fact that our eldest grandson is old enough to be applying to University, while in our heads we still see him as an adorable little 4-year old! It often feels like time goes so much more quickly as we get old-er. (In our family, we've decided we are not growing old, but rather, old-er; there is a huge difference). 


Our grandson is focusing on future goals, on technology, and on how he can make his mark on the world. Indeed, we were there once-impatient for the future, and yes, maybe even a little afraid. 


We have each made a mark on this world through our Soroptimist membership - on every Live Your Dream Award winner, and every Dream It, Be It participant at our annual events. We make them in the smiles we share, the friendships we've built, community partnerships, the support we've given and received, and the lessons we've learned in the process. 


Let's keep telling our Eastern Canadian Soroptimist story, and the stories of the lives we touch. Let's keep being better together, and investing in dreams. Let's enjoy every minute and every challenge along the way to gender equality, eradicating poverty, working for the rights of older women, and educating women (no matter their age) around the world, so they can be the change and the story of the 2020's. Indeed, we too are women who will remain relevant, curious and inquisitive life-long learners, models and mentors to the women following in our footsteps.


I wish you all prosperity and the best of health in the upcoming decade, and I look forward to seeing you all soon - in real life, or perhaps in cyberspace!


Governor Tanna Edwards

Eastern Canada Region



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