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I was first introduced to Soroptimist in the spring of 1990. I decided to give myself the gift of Membership in the fall of 1990 and I have never looked back! This has truly been a gift that keeps giving back.

I have been a proud member of SI Cambridge since 1990. At the Club level, I have served as Vice- President (1992-1993), President (1993-1995) and a second term as President (2001-2003). I have also served on various committees at the club level when I have not held a position on the Board.

At the Regional level; I have held a variety of positions on the Eastern Canada Region Board which included; Treasurer (2004-2008), Governor-Elect (2008-2010), Governor (2010-2012), Past- Governor (2012-2013) and Region Membership Chair (2008-2010, 2012-2016, 2016- to present).

In January 2017, I was elected to serve on the SIA Board of Directors 2017- 2019. I recently competed my Board training in Toronto. As a member of the Board of Directors it is my responsibilities to:


     *  promote the strategic direction of the organization,

     *  ensure organizational success and financial viability,

     *  maintain a linkage to the membership as an ambassador,

     *  act as a resource to the regions to provide guidance in administration, directions & goals 

     *  encourage a culture of philanthropy.

Hi, I'm Bonnie Domonchuk

As I assume my new role,I know that I may find my time on the Board to be at times challenging but also a broadening learning experience. While I am a team player and take a collaborative approach to all that I do, I am not afraid to speak out for the things that I feel strongly about.


I believe in the Big Goal for our Soroptimist future, to focus on our membership service, to focus on our Dream Programs as our recognizable brand in a crowded marketplace, to improve public awareness and to increase outside funding for our programs.


These are all big challenges, but I am up for the challenge!

I look forward to working alongside some incredible women, and having the opportunity to make new lifelong friends from all over the world, as we continue to transform the lives of disadvantaged women and girls through increased philanthropy and service!


I do not officially assume office until September 1, 2017.



Bonnie Domonchuk

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